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We are a non profit, charitable society with early learning and childcare programs serving the community of Vermilion and the County of Vermilion River.

All our programs are licensed through Central Alberta Child and Family Services .


Early Childhood Educators and families working together in partnership to provide a safe, caring, inclusive play environment encouraging children to explore, learn, participate, and build relationships with others in our Learning Through Play centered program.
Our image of a child is:
A mighty learner- who brings body and mind, their whole being—to play and learning.
A citizen - who shapes their own identity, creating and communicating valid views about the social world which they have a right to participate in.


Vermilion Play Development values the “learning through play” philosophy is described in Alberta’ Early Learning and Care Curriculum - Flight. Our program believes there is a relationship between play and all areas of development; play helps children practice what they already know and learn new things, it creates thought. Our core values are guiding early childhood communities, guiding early learning processes, and guiding meaningful family relationships.


We believe in four play-based goals for our program:

  1. Well-being: Children need to experience safe and caring environments where the emotional and physical health, positive identities and a sense of belonging are nurtured and protected

  2. Play and Playfulness: Children experience open and flexible environments where playful exploration, problem solving, and creativity are encouraged and purposefully planned.

  3. Communication and Literacies – Children experience intellectually, socially and culturally engaging environments where their communication practices, languages, literacies and literate identities are valued and supported.

  4. Diversity and Social responsibility: Children experience socially inclusive and culturally sensitive environments where consideration for others, inclusive, equal opportunities to succeed, valuing children’s ideas and the ideas of others, appreciation for the natural world and human creativity and innovation, and nurtured social responsibility.

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